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How to Have a 'Brain Orgasm'

In their book "Human Sexual Response," Masters and Johnson divided the sexual response cycle into four phases: The two most important players are the orbitofrontal cortex , located right above and behind your eyes: As men and women close in on the grand finale, their orgasmic brain activity appears strikingly similar on PET scans, save a couple telling distinctions [source: Getting into the flow: I had a similar problem finding out what my partner has been doing without my notice, It is true when people say the person you trust most is most likely to hurt you without any trace or notice. The research will help scientists to understand how the brain conducts the symphony of activity that leads to sexual climax in a woman. The Mysteries of Love. Study finds fatty acids found in oily fish can If orgasms are like reflex seizures, why do seizures make us lose consciousness, whereas orgasms usually do not? One of the more well-known categories of people who voluntarily hold in their urine are nurses , who are often so busy on long eight to 12 hour shifts that they don't take the time to relieve themselves.

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In one experiment involving participants stimulating themselves to climax, the experience energized more than 30 discrete places in the brain [source: It's hard-wired into our brains to propagate the species. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. Retrieved April 1, from www. Komisaruk, Beyer and Whipple ]. That said, unprotected sex is NOT something we'd recommend -- after all, an STD or unplanned pregnancy can surely also contribute to depression , along with other medical and social risks.

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