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However, at a certain high gear levels armor pen does actually surpass agility and you can do more dps by stacking armor pen. A disengage on marrowgar, possibly a kite on deathwhisper, gunship is irrelevant, and no movement on saufang. Weapon systems should always compliment the other in some way for a well rounded set up. Jagerd of Dunemaul says: Would it be best for me to switch out a few gems to get to soft cap Arp or stay stay Agi. Ariana. Age: 24. Call me, Horny always, 24/7, sexy blonde with really big boobs! Nadine. Age: 25. Milady has gained an incredible insight into the male psyche and you will be delighted with the outcome from a woman who knows how to take control, relishes the experience (power) and is certainly not for the faint hearted! With a wide selection of PVC, Rubber, Latex and Leather outfits and also equipment such as restraints and toys to deliver sensual pleasure

Swords of Chult Update Released with Big PvP Changes, New Skirmish & More

Account Merchandise en en-GB de fr. Is it enough to have like this or should I put some Str gems instead. Gladius - Necessary Dominos - Makes your action bars much neater Afflicted3 - Watches enemy cooldowns, not mandatory, but VERY nice Spell Alerter - Helps you see whos casting what at whom, without worry about cast bars. Things that we consider inappropriate are usually illegal, extremely volatile or violent, obscene, vulgar, or simply inappropriate for an official game forum such as ours. Games are generally very fast. But if you prioritize pen over damage in all situations, you wont' be doing enough damage to kill minions, jungle or fight players. We do not permit the bashing of individuals including ZeniMax employees , groups, or other companies on our forums. These recommendations and tips also reflect the ESO core community philosophies. Just curious, but in your calculations for dps comparing armor pen and agility, did you include the armor pen that is generated from a warriors sunder armor? Notes optional; required for "Other": We want to hear your thoughts and feedback on The Elder Scrolls Online, negative and positive alike. We take the use of hate speech very seriously in the official ESO community, and have a zero tolerance policy. His gearscore was only like and still had way better dps. The thing is Armor pen is going to get a nerf next patch and I dont want to waste money on the gems if im going to replace them with strength gems.

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Armor Penetration 84 - Spell - WOTLK Database World of Warcraft DB

My original questions were answered, thank you! For example, players theorycraft about the hit cap, the expertise cap, the dodge cap, the spell penetration cap, and others. Selling, Trading, and Sharing Game Accounts: In Wrath of the Lich King, raid bosses no longer perform crushing blows, but removing regular hits entirely may still be sought after by tanks. We understand that sometimes tempers rise, but it is never acceptable to resort to rude comments and insults. Nyaneve Profile Joined: Typically I'll run 5 seducer 5 spinner, or 5 julianos 5 spinner.



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