Amateur extra polar coordinates

In Part 2, Reacting Nicely , we examined a bit of the dynamics of voltage and current within capacitors and inductors to get a sense for just how these components impose phase angles between voltage and current sine waves. Third, inductive reactance and capacitive reactance have opposite effects on phase angle. Ever since I was 5 years old, radio communication has intrigued and interested me to the core. I was later told by one of the examiners that I had missed only two of the 35 questions. I fixed it and the next week worked the November Sweepstakes. In this example the result of the offsetting reactances is: Krissy. Age: 27. Hey Guys!! Priya. Age: 18. I am a classy young lady, not a bar girl

Help a math idiot understand the maths for the Extra exam

The E1 section of the Amateur Extra test contains information on commission's rules. After completing my Tech and General through hours and hours of rote memorization, I was certain the Extra was just not in my future. The goal here is to explain the material, summarize and link to original sources, or link to existing online material. Lewis — All Rights Reserved. It is indeed possible that you will never need to know about polar coordinates again. Thanks to my ham radio experience listed on my resume! I finally started talking during the nets on In fact, you can pass the tests and learn a lot by never studying material, but only by taking enough practice exams. To figure out the impedance of a circuit, you first plot the inductive reactance on the positive y-axis and the capacitive reactance on the negative y-axis. The ARRL one is useless. Extra Class question of the day: Characteristics of resonant circuits: Originally Posted by davidgcet. I got the book and studied for three months again.

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Polar coordinate calculation confusion

By szamba na kloaka zbiornik betonowe tam June 29, - Look at what has happened by giving everyone a camera on their phone. If you plot the impedance of a circuit using the rectangular coordinate system and find the impedance point falls on the right side of the graph on the horizontal line, what do you know about the circuit? Let us illustrate this approach. Which point on Figure E best represents the impedance of a series circuit consisting of a ohm resistor and a 19 picofarad capacitor at I attempted to take the Extra class test simultaneously but missed passing by ONE! Originally Posted by davidgcet i've been a radio tech for close to 20 years now.

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